Bluetooth Converters

The AD-8529PC/PR-W Bluetooth converters enable wireless communication between a balance/scale and a PC/printer using low-energy Bluetooth (line-of-sight distance approx. 10 m when there is no radio wave interference).*2 

Pairing is unnecessary so data transfer can begin right away.

Manual Book
Connection compatibility table 
Connection with the AD-4212D series
Connection with the AD-1691
Connection with the AD-8922A
Connection with the AD-8121B*1


*1 A&D no longer produces the AD-8121B compact printer and now offers the AD-8127 instead.
*2 Please contact your local A&D representative to find out whether the AD-8529PC/PR-W is certified for compliance with Bluetooth communication laws in your country.



  • Eliminates spacing/cabling problems and risk of contamination in places such as fume hoods, safety enclosures and glove boxes
  • Prevents substances from adhering to printer paper by isolating the balance from the printer
  • Easy data transfer and management with A&D’s free WinCT software


  • For communication between a balance/scale and a PC. Plug and play with Windows 10. (For earlier versions of Windows, install the driver software in the provided CD-ROM or downloaded from here).


  • For communication between a balance/scale and an A&D printer. No AC adapter is required when used with the AD-8127.


*3 Please refer to the connection compatibility table.