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  • Data Acquisition System Omniace RA2300MKII/ RA2300MKII-S

    Measurement by Anyone, Anywhere

    The Omniace RA2300MKII is an data acquisition system with easy-to-use recording and analyzing functions. The virtual amplifier setting screen, touch panel and large LCD dynamic waveform display shorten and simplify setup and measurement time. The Omniace is equipped with a variety of measurement modes including long-term recording on a 160 GB hard disk (HD) or 256 GB industrial solid state drive (SSD) and a memory mode capable of capturing high-speed phenomena with excellent reliability.

    *Note on USB memory
    USB devices with security features cannot be used due to issues regarding authentication processing.

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    Manual for Amplifier Units

    Manual for Communication Command

  • Data Acquisition System OmniaceIII RA2800A

    Multi-Channel Measurement up to 32 Channels!
    Simple and Excellent Operation!!


  • Portable Data Acquisition System OmnilightII RM1100 Series

    Powerful and Dependable RM1100 Excels in both Lab and Field

    The Compact RM1100 Portable Data Recorder provides reliable data collection in challenging environments. A large 7-inch wide TFT LCD color touch screen display and refined GUI are ideal for quick Setup, Data Capture and Playback. Coupled with “Real Time”, “Memory” and SD Card recording modes plus up to 1µsec sampling rate, the RM1100 handles the most demanding high speed applications. Recording to SD Card or PC via Ethernet ensures long time continuous recording. Waveform printing is available with optional thermal printer. This AC or battery-operated recorder with rugged casing satisfies your different requirements for Predictive Maintenance, Quality Control, R&D, Automobile Driving Test and remote-controlled data acquisition.

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  • Unifizer NS3000 Platform Software

    Connect RA Series and the PC at existing LAN environment and enables to remote control functions as data recording and various settings


    • Connects RA Series and the PC at existing LAN environment, and enables to remote control functions as data recording and various settings.