The A&D Rolling Resistance Test Rig


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The A&D Rolling Resistance Test Rig (RRTR) is a high-accuracy drum-based rolling resistance test machine. The RRTR offers world class repeatability and accuracy through its rigiddesign and a customized loadcell developed using our Model-Based Sensor (MBS) technology. Built with consideration for ease of use, maintenance and calibration, it offers automated and manual test scheduling along with a user-friendly operator interface. The RRTR is available in a variety of configurations and sizes for passenger car (PC) and truck and bus (TB) tires, so that customers choose the machine that best fits their needs. Customization is possible depending upon customer needs.


  • High accuracy robust measurement
  • Test standards compliance
  • Fully automated
  • Energy saving aluminum cast drum (about 30% compared to steel drum)
  • Optional temperature chamber


  • High-accuracy and robust measurement
    • Rolling resistance: PC ≤±0.3N, TB ≤±0.5N
    • Measurement repeatability (PC): σ ≤0.005N/KN
  • Inflation pressure: 400kPa (PC), 1000kPa (TB)
  • Rolling resistance force: 300N (PC), 500N (TB)
  • Maximum test speed: 120 km/hr (270 km/hr optional)
  • Test tire diameter: 500-900mm (PC), 700-1500mm (TB)