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  • AD-4961


    With a newly developed digital load cell and an ultra-high speed processing module, high level precision has been realized.


    Unique Modular Design

    AD-4961 consists of four units, an infeed conveyor unit, a weighing conveyor unit, a control unit and a base unit, allowing fast and simple assembly. In the case of system shutdown, you do not need to wait for a service engineer to respond to the issue.
    Just simply replace the unresponsive module by yourself, so that you can shorten system downtime and maximize production efficiency. The Direct Gear Drive Mechanism allows you to replace a conveyor simply and easily. The entire system is washable with a stainless steel construction and hygienic design.

    Brochure |  Conveyor Belt Replacement
     Assembly Guide |  Gear Box Replacement
     Gear Replacement Side Grip Conveyors

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    CW-R/B Series


    Heavy Duty, High Accuracy & Durable


    • Stainless Steel Material
    • Suitable for Chemical, Pharamaceutical and Food Industries