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  • AD-1671A

    Anti-Vibration Table for Viscometers/Rheometers

    Especially effective when performing low viscosity (10 mPa•s or below) measurements


    Depending on the measuring location, the highly sensitive tuning fork vibro sensor (incorporated in our SV-A series viscometers and RV-10000 rheometer) can be adversely affected by low-frequency vibrations that cannot be detected by humans. For example, if the laboratory is located on the high story of a building or on unstable ground, such as near the seaside, vibration may well be generated by strong winds or high waves.

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  • AD-1690

    Leak Tester

    For quick screening for pipette failures!


    Are you sure your pipettes are all accurate? Most pipette failures happen due to soiled or damaged parts compromising the airtightness of the pipettes. With the AD-1690 leak tester, you can instantly spot the pipettes that need to be fixed.

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  • AD-4212B-PT / AD-4212A-PT / FX-300i-PT

    Pipette Accuracy Testers

    For in-house management and recording of pipette accuracy


    Inaccurate pipetting can ruin all your research. However, having scores of pipettes checked regularly by an outside company is unnecessarily expensive. With A&D’s pipette accuracy testers, you can easily determine pipette accuracy by yourself whenever you want, based on any criteria – manufacturers’, ISO8655, or even your own.


    • Automatic mass-to-volume conversion and accuracy judgment using the special “WinCT-Pipette” software
    • Judgment by your preferred criteria – manufacturer specifications, ISO8655, or your own
    • Includes an evaporation trap to minimize errors due to evaporation

    Brochure | Manual Book
     Pipette Accuracy Testers and Leak Tester Introduction
     See how effective the evaporation trap is here

  • AD-5601A

    Thermocouple Thermometer (K Type)

  • AD-5605H

    Thermocouple Thermometer (K type)

  • AD-5605P

    Center Thermometer Thermocouple Temperature Sensor

  • AD-5611A

    Infrared Radiation Thermometer

  • AD-5612WP

    Infrared Radiation Thermometer with Center Temperature Sensor

  • AD-5616

    Infrared Radiation Thermometer with Laser Marker

  • AD-5617WP

    Waterproof Infrared Radiation Thermometer

  • AD-5625A

    Waterproof Type Central Thermometer

  • AD-5656SL

    Solar Type Built-in Thermometer