Quick USB Adapter


The AD-8527 transfers weighing data to a PC in real time via an RS-232C connection with a weighing instrument and a USB connection with a PC.

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To change the internal settings of the AD-8527, please download the AD-8527
Setting Tool:

Readme (This enables a PC without COM ports to receive data)



  • Data transmission to any application such as Excel, Word, and Notepad
  • No driver software required
  • Internal clock to transfer the date and time at the same time
  • Pocket size of 55 × 103 × 16.5 mm
  • IP65 (with the casing cover)
  • No battery required


* If the AD-8527 is not detected by your PC Depending on your type of PC, if a USB extension cable is used, the signal may weaken and not be detected by the computer. Please either connect the AD-8527 directly to your PC without using a USB extension cable, or connect the AD-8527 to your computer using an off-the-shelf USB hub.