Serial / Ethernet Converter

The AD-8526 can connect the RS-232C interface of an A&D weighing
instrument to the Ethernet (LAN) port of a computer that is not equipped
with an RS-232C interface.

Manual Book



  • Possible to manage weighing data using a network
  • Possible to control the weighing instrument from the connected computer
  • Comes with the WinCT-Plus software, by which the user can collect data from and send commands to multiple weighing instruments
  • Comes with a connection cable*
* Please specify the connection cable type or the weighing instrument to be connected when ordering (see the required accessories table below). If not specified, a D-Sub 25-pin to D-Sub 9-pin cable (AX-KO1710-200) will be provided.



Accessories required to connect to the AD-8526