Remote Controller


Data received from the weighing instrument can be also output to PC or printer via RS232C interface(DIN connector) on AD8922.


AD-8922 is a remote controller that can be connected to certain A&D weighing instruments in order to display weighing data and control the weighing instrument with key operation.
(Access to the internal setting of weighing machine is not allowed.)

Manual Book



  • Displays weighing data
  • Remotely controls a weighing instrument with key operations (no access to the internal settings)
  • Outputs weighing data to another external device such as a PC or printer via the RS-232C connection
  • Optional BCD, comparator, and analog outputs available
  • Can be panel-mounted


  • AD-8922A-01 BCD output
  • AD-8922A-04 Comparator output
  • AD-8922A-05 Current loop input
  • AD-8922A-06 Analog output


Note: “-” in the table indicates that the key operation is not available. *1: Switches between standby and weighing mode on the AD-4212C.
*2: Not applicable to the counting mode and the percent mode. Switching the minimum display is not available for the ET-W.
*3: Available when the AD-8922A is in key mode (“out 1” or “out 2” of the function setting).
*4: Not available for the ET-W and AD-4212