Vibration Resistant Weighing Indicator

A Weighing Indicator with Field Network Support


Incorporates Anybus CompactCom (HMS Industrial Networks). Realizes both an extremely fast response speed and stable weighing in high vibration environments. Enhances the performance of weighing devices that structurally have a source of vibration. Wide zero and span adjustment ranges.

Brochure | Manual Book
AD4408A Profibus Plug-In Module Manual Book
AD4408A Modbus-RTU Plug-In Module Manual Book
AD-4408A DeviceNet Plug-In Module manual
 Demonstration of the high-performance digital filtering function



  • Various types of field network (fieldbus) modules can be installed
  • High-performance digital filtering that eliminates the effects of strong vibration
  • High-speed (100 times/sec.), highly-accurate performance
  • Compact, lightweight body makes it ideal for mounting into a control panel
  • Dust and water-proof display (when mounted into a panel)
  • Highly tolerant against electromagnetic noise

External input and output

Manufacturer : HMS Industrial Networks ( ) Anybus® CompactCom
  • Profibus Plug-In Module GSD file
  • Modbus-RTU Plug-In Module
  • DeviceNet Plug-In Module


  • Instruction manual
  • Rubber packing
  • Terminal strip cover
  • Capacity plate
  • Unit stickers


Analog Unit


Digital Unit