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  • LCC12

    Stainless Steel Load Cells

    For tank scale and hopper scale


    LCC12 Series Weigh Moduleload cell with mount assembly (all stainless steel)
    Brochure | Drawing

  • LCCU-21

    Small USB Button Load Cell for Force Measurement

    Force Measurement Simplified!


    With one or more LCCU-21 Button Load Cells and a computer you can
    easily perform a variety of measurements by downloading the compressed
    WinCT-DLC file.
    Brochure | Manual Book
    LCCU-21 Simplified manual
    LCCU-21 USB connection instruction manual 
    WinCT-DLC instruction manual 

  • LCM13

    Stainless Steel Load Cells

    Stainless steel body construction protection from water, moisture and corrosion


    Brochure | Drawing

  • LCM17 Series

    Flameproof Enclosure Stainless Steel Beam Load Cells for Platform, Tank or Hopper Scales


    Brochure | Drawing

  • X-Y Series

    X-Y Force Type Load Cells


    Note: XY-500L/500L to be specially designed and re-quoted