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  • AD-4408C

    A Weighing Indicator Designed for CC-Link

    High-Performance Digital Filtered Weighing Indicator Designed for CC-Link


    • Easy-to-use weighing indicator specifically for CC-Link.
    • Realizes both an extremely fast response speed and stable weighing in high vibration environments.
    • Enhances the performance of weighing devices that structurally have a source of vibration.
    • Wide zero adjustment range.

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    HPDF brochure
     Demonstration of the high-performance digital filtering function

  • AD-4410

    Vibration-Resistant Weighing Indicator

    Powerful Vibration Cancelling Feature

    The High-Performance Digital Filter provides high accuracy/high speed weighing in environments with vibration problems. The AD-4410 greatly reduces the costs and maintenance required for anti-vibration equipment since it copes with vibrations without requiring many mechanical measures.

    BrochureManual Book
    Manual for OP-07 Analog output (4 – 20 mA)
     Checkweigher using peak hold function
     Average holding function

  • AD-4430B

    Ultra Compact Weighing Module

    High Speed Sampling – 1000 times per second


    • DIN rail mounted type ideal for insertion into control board
    • Powerful vibration-cancelling function (High Performance Digital Filter)
    • High speed sampling (1000 times per second) – High accuracy

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    Simplified Manual

  • AD-4530

    Digital Indicator

    Suitable for Measurement of Load, Pressure, Torque, Tension and More


    • Low cost digital indicator for various applications. Suitable for measurement of load, pressure, torque, tension
      and more at an affordable price.
    • Digital Zero (DZ) stores zero data at any measurement point. This function can also be used to tare weight.
    • Measurement can simply be restarted when it was interrupted by a loss of power.

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    Simplified Manual

  • AD-4531A

    Multi purpose Digital Indicator

    High Performance digital Indicator for strain Gauge Sensors:
    Weight, Pressure, Displacement, Torque, Tension and Acceleration applications


    • Digitally processed signals with 16 times/s A/D conversion
    • Peak hold and hold capability
    • “Hold Mode” data stored digitally to prevent drooping on display and analog output
    • Comparator function and output.
    • Analog output with scaling and offset functions

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  • AD-4532B

    Digital Indicator for Strain Gauge Sensors

    Super high-speed sampling at 2000 times/sec.
    Ideal for measuring the dynamic phenomena of
    loads, pressure, torque, tension, etc.


    • High-speed A/D*1 and D/A*2 conversion function at 2000 times/sec.
    • Calibration without an actual load
    • The digital span calibration function makes it possible to perform a calibration by entering the rated output (mV/V) of the sensor using the numeric keys. This function is useful when an actual load cannot be applied.
    • Latching function

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     AD-4532B Introduction

  • LC-1205 (Tool Steel)

    Multipurpose Load Cells

    For General Purpose Tension, Compression Measuring



  • LC-1216 (Tool Steel)

    Multipurpose Load Cells

    For Ggeneral Purpose Tension, Compression Measuring , Use in Hostile Environments



  • LC-4001

    Single Point Aluminum Load Cells

    Ultra-high Sensitivity for Precision Balances, Single Point Compact Load Cells



  • LC-4101

    Single Point Aluminum Load Cells

    For Small Capacity Weighing Applications, Single Point Compact Load Cells



  • LC-4102

    Single Point Aluminum Load Cells

    For Small and Medium Capacity Weighing System, Single Point Compact Load Cells



  • LC-4103

    Single Point Aluminum Load Cells

    For Use with Medium Size Platforms, Single Point Compact Load Cells